Selling Your Home

It is the best time to get knocking on the doors of a letting agent in birmingham. Birmingham is on an unprecedented growth mode. A key indicator of the market heating up is that there are currently 15 less available office spaces in the UK's second most populous metropolis than in Manchester.

When available office spaces are becoming a rarity, it is safe to assume that the same thing is happening in Birmingham's housing sector. These two sectors always tend to follow each other trend wise. So a word of advice to people who have an aging housing property in Britain's West Midlands region? Contact the nearest letting agent in Birmingham soon.

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Some Letting Agents Offer Free Valuation

Even if you do not plan to sell just yet, it is good to get a valuation from a real estate professional so you know where your property stands. Doing so will also familiarize you with the city's major players in the real estate market. In addition, analysts predict that the Birmingham current status as Britain's property jewel will only last for just a few years more.

Presently, the city ranks as the sixth most attractive in the list of Europe's property magnets. With London ranked as the tenth in the same list, Birmingham has clearly outstripped the UK capital, a trend that is likely to continue for a year or two. When the market is hot, it is the best time to sell.

Sell and Buy Strategy

This is because it is the best time to obtain the highest value possible, especially for a home that has been around for a very long time. One excellent strategy would be to sell that birmingham property and then move to Manchester, where a house will be comparatively cheaper. A London move is also in the cards since the buyer's market is currently in a decline mode in the British capital.

Reasons behind Birmingham's Rise

Still, you might want to find out why all these good things are happening to the Birmingham market, which at one point has had the odd distinction as the world's first and foremost manufacturing facility. Fast forward to the present times, a number of key developments in the city have paved the way for Birmingham's property pre-eminence. Chief of these developments is a recent upgrade to the metropolis' New Street Station.

Another is the recent opening of a large John Lewis store outside the capital. Other key developments are the rise of Resorts World Birmingham and the repurposing of Paradise Circus. Next to London, Birmingham has the largest single concentration of businesses. Further, the city's population of over three million continues to grow. Last but not the least, Birmingham is also the European city with the biggest concentration of residents who are below the age of 25.

Birmingham versus Manchester

Amid all these wonderful developments, it is not likely that Manchester can compete with Birmingham any time soon. Still, it is a limited time offer according to property analysts. So the earlier you can make up your mind with regards to the best letting company to represent your property, the better.